About Us

In the spring of 1956, I caught my first snake and I’ve been hooked ever since. This gives me 50 years of experience in the husbandry of snakes.

In 1978 I hatched my first snakes which started us down the road to becoming what we are today.

All of the staff at Maryland Reptile Farm are firm believers in captive bred and born herps and we will sell nothing else. Due to this, we started selling herp books at a time when all you could find in a store were books aimed at the first time owner and generally, full of bad information.

Our book inventory has grown to be one of the finest and largest in the US. We also carry heating supplies and various other herp supplies.

If you have an interest in quality boas and pythons, check our Available section; we strive for quality at fair prices.

Don’t forget to check out our Show section; we currently promote shows in Maryland and Virginia on a regular basis.


Larry Kenton